The Holder's Conclave

As is traditional, the Lord Holders gathered at Rubicon River Hold to settle the question of who will become the new Lord or Lady of Rubicon River Hold. With many opinions, and tensions already high, the Conclave was surprisingly sedate. In time, votes were cast, and the young Lyerdes - son of Ryeira and the presumed late Lord Leonidas - was named Lord Holder, with his mother, the Lady Ryeira, installed as his Warden until his sixteenth turnday. In a surprise move, however, the lady was directed to select another Warden of the Hold, to protect both her borders and her people from any who may attempt to take advantage of a young Lord Holder at a Hold who has seen their population decimated.

As for Lord Evyindr, while facing disdain from many of his fellows, it was declared that until restitution is made to those who suffered at the hands of the Hannistan Lord's greedy holders, the ladies of Hannista will continue to make their home at Xanadu Weyr. And so, the process of enforcing the removal of Hannistan holders from Rubicon River lands has begun, with many women ready to return home. However, whether the Lord Eyvindr will find sympathy from of his other Lords remains to be determined, though with the tales told by those who've been attacked, it seems particularly unlikely.

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