Fish, Fish and More Fish

With the fleet at Rubicon River decimated, and relations with Hannista Hold nonexistant, the fare at Xanadu as of late has been becoming rather stale. Meat has been seen time and time again in various forms, and some of the cooks have even been threatening to resort to Tunnelsnake Stew.

Thankfully, however, with the arrival of a sloop from Ressac Sea Hold - a full day early at that - there is now sea food a plenty to be used in the kitchen. Various fish - fresh and salted - as well as eels and shellfish have now been carefully stowed away for use.

However, fish was not the only thing on the boat, as a large box - with no list of contents or owner - was offloaded as well, and sent to the storage caverns to be dealt with later.

See the log.

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