Dark Forgotten Tunnel

The entrance to a hidden tunnel found while Seryth and Solarith were clutching (likely opened when bumped by one of the queens), and put under guard until the next morning has now been explored. Upon hearing of the tunnel, Weyrwoman Niva had ordered it explored while sequestering herself in the Xanadu Weyr Records Room, tossing out the weyr's record's keeper. While Niva searched through old building blueprints, the only available people at hand were the record's keeper, Enkavir, the weyr messenger, Rogawani and junior weyrwoman Thea. What they found was a short tunnel, and a small, abandoned, very dusty utility room that had apparently been bypassed in Turns past. And those noises that caused the tunnel's entrance to be discovered? Still a mystery, although speculation holds it may be connected to the pipes or the vents found down there.

OOC INFO: This event and log ICly occurred the day after Cenlia's Turnday party, two days after the double clutching. yes, we tweaked time a little.

See the log.

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