A Cutoff of Communication to Hannista

With communication between the Xanadu Weyr and the Hannistan Lord Holder cut off, soon nearly all communication to and from the hold followed. Messengers from the Weyr using the Hannistan roads were meet by guards in the South refusing them passage. Those who tried to get through the lesser used pathways between cotholds found few willing to talk to them, and more than a few threats from those effected by the Weyr's raid. So, in order to protect the few land-based messengers that the Weyr employs, all messagers have been pulled off of Hannistan routes.

For now, all messengers and trade caravans seem to be stuck taking the track along the Western edge of the Rubicon River. Not only a longer road, but less traveled and maintained, this route has delayed packages and letters from getting through to Rubicon River Hold, and has slowed down trade between the Northern hold and the Weyr.

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