Lord Eyvindr's Response

Many members of the Weyr have been waiting nervously, with bated breath, since the hasty raid on Hannista Hold. While all that would be said was that the Lord Holder was hunting, there was no word on what he was hunting, or when he was expected to return. And so, no one knew when to expect a response from the Lord Holder upon his return home.

Only now, after three sevendays, has a response finally been sent from the Hold - and by foot, rather than via a faster method - that while the Weyr holds Hannista's holders there will be no further communication. While his message implied that he would be attending the Conclave to be held at Rubicon River, there was nothing actually said, nor did he make an attempt to negotiate the return of his people.

And so, guards have been posted on all the roads to Xanadu, to prepare should the Holder decide to take the return of his people into his own hands and march upon the Weyr. And, their fate is one again left hanging in the balance until the date of the Conclave arrives.

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