It's Raining It's Pouring

Thu Mar 24

After an a long and wet winter with ice storm after ice storm interspersed with odd bouts of warm days to melt the ice-encased ground and trees, Spring has finally arrived. The weather is slow to clear, however, with day after day of soaking rain upon the Xanadu area. While the ice is no longer an issue, the rain is beginning to be one. The grounds throughout the Weyr are saturated and the mud is ankle - if not knee deep in places. The river that flows though the Weyr's Meadow is slowly rising, causing many a wary eye to be cast in its direction, levels carefully checked both day and night. Residents there are warned to be ready to evacuate should the need arise.

Also of concern are the areas to the south and west of the Weyr that had suffered damage from the forest fires that ravaged the mountainous land that rises beyond the forest a few turns ago. Trees are still in their infancy there and thus landslides are a concern.

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