How Do You Spell Relief?

Tue Mar 15

After a long five weeks Seryth and her rider are finally free of the sands. This has been a particularly difficult cycle for the new Weyrwoman as the queen has been more broody this time, requiring Thea to stay nearby as much as possible. Juggling family, new responsibilities and the care for her dragon has been a bit more of a challenge. An early morning hatching awoke Xanadu Weyr causing more than one person to breathe a sigh of relief. When the eggs stopped rocking and cracked shell, six new pairs graced the Weyrling barracks:

R'dyn and Brown Reyth
Eirwn and Green Lyerth
Sryah and Green Weseanth
F'ran and Blue Danlenth
Tr'em and Blue Roandth
G'and and Bronze Helmth

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