Bumpy Ride?

Sun Mar 6

With the disappearance of Xanadu's Headwoman, the smooth running of the Weyr has been a bit disrupted. Just how well did Hisolda train her assistants anyway? Obviously all are trying very hard in the wake of the resulting confusion, but mistakes are bound to happen. Nothing huge other than running out of certain food items needed to feed the crowds in the caverns, or laundry going astray and ending up with the wrong people along with a myriad of little frustrations that make the day just a wee bit more hectic for those involved. Questions posed to the Weyr's leadership helps when the answers are known, but the sooner a replacement is found, the better for all.

Add to that the fact that Seryth, lately risen in her mating flight has taken to the sands where she has laid a small clutch of six eggs. The new Weyrwoman is spending the majority of her day attending her queen during this broody time, the added pressure of being separated from her family isn't helping things a bit.

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