Diplomacy Takes a Strange Turn

Wed Mar 2

The appearance of an Istan gold and bronze in the winter skies above Xanadu was an unusual event that had many wondering just what was going on. With the recent past history between the two weyrs and the distance between the leadership it may have come as a surprise to find the new Senior Weyrwoman giving Ista's Junior Weyrwoman Cenlia and Weyrleader S'gam a warmly enthusiastic welcome. Klah and cupcakes were shared in the warmth of the Caverns, and yet there are whispered rumors of insults were traded which ended with one rider stomping out of the Caverns and the Weyrwoman wobbling her way back to her office. Which leaves many to speculate: Was Thea tipsy? Does this visit bode well or ill for the future between the two weyrs? And why was the Istan's bronze looking so… disgruntled?

For the log see Made 'em Special http://xanadu.wikidot.com/logs:030211-2

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