Bathtime Gone Awry

Word has it the weyrfolk were excluded from the baths for several hours today, while the Hannista Hold hostages held the bathing caverns hostage. The day before, the Weyrsecond had made arrangements for them to have the baths to themselves for one hour a day, with a second hour excluding Weyr men as well. The second hour came and passed, with no sign of the door opening. X'hil found himself in line with a fair few weyrfolk, Enkavir included, after a long hot period of watching eggs, and was not impressed

X'hil talked a lot about barring the holders, led apparently by Izellah and Aeryn, from the baths, but nothing has come of it yet. The latter may have something to do with the fact that the man hit his head, passed out, and, thanks to Kire running and getting healers, wound up being carted to the infirmary. It is as yet unclear whether he was /hit/, or just slipped on the strangely soapy floor and cracked his head on the way down. As of yet, no witnesses have come forward.

See the log.

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