Fort Responds

Over the past month or two, relations between Western Weyr and Fort Weyr have flourished - due to the likelihood that Western supported Fort's call for Weyr council. Even Igen Weyr, whom with relations were a bit distant at first, now reap the rewards of supporting Fort, including Fort welcoming any and all Igenite residents (but some even say that's due to the Igenite whose gained Weyrleadership). For these two Weyrs, they've found a strong and loyal alliance in Fort - a friendship that will likely last as long as the current leadership does.

On the flip side, Fort has made it known that they will not support the movement Xanadu Weyr has taken against a 'Hold.' Traditions speak of Weyrs staying out of Hold affairs, and the hostage taking done by riders of Xanadu has made Fort a quick opponent in any political shuffling. The relationship between the two Weyrs has cracked even further due to High Reaches seemingly having a close tie to Xanadu - one of the other Weyrs reportedly missing during the Weyr Council.

In fact, Fort has gone as far as cutting off all trade relations with or including Xanadu, relying on supplies from the Southern hemisphere by Weyrs such as Western and Honshu. Rumours even say that Xanadu Search riders are not allowed in Fortian skies - of course, there's nothing keeping Xanadu riders from kidnapping people, as they've so far proven to the world.

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