A Garden Variety Infestation

It's been heard around the Weyr that the Gardens of the Weyr had a tunnelsnake infestation with 7 of the bugger being found and killed. So many in one place has gotten others wondering if there are more tunnelsnakes in other locations. It's also been heard that a tunnelsnake has twice now bitten someone although the attacks have not been life threatening. So be on guard and watch where you stick your hand, a tunnelsnake might be lurking in the shadows.

After the incident in the gardens with tunnelsnakes a search was made of all the rooms and caverns of the weyr and a whole nest of tunnelsnakes has been found in the Store Room.

Led by the Tunnelsnake Hunter Holbart a grand total of 13 tunnelsnakes, including a huge queen tunnelsnake were killed. The storage cavern has been declared free of any tunnelsnakes, but Holbart reminded everyone that the cavern should be checked frequently.

See the log (backscened).

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