Xanadu on Attack

While there was no dragon keening when the eldest son of the Rubicon Holder refugees passed away, the skill of the Xanadu Healers unable to save the young man from his head injury, there was much fuss. An angry call went out to the riders of Xanadu, and after a curt explanation, the Weyr was riding on Hannista, although this time it was not on Search. With Lord Hannista being indirectly responsible for the young man's death, as well, as threatening to ignore the Conclave's decision, it seemed that the time had come to act.

The riders arrived with directions to gather up the women and children - as well as any crucial support staff - and return them to Xanadu Weyr, were they will be made at home until such time that their Lord agrees to the demands of the Weyr as well as the decision of the Conclave. Despite a certain amount of screaming, yelling, fussing, fighting, and even a cheap shot to poor X'hil by own holder girl, the women were gathered up and installed in old weyrs at Xanadu, under the watch of dragons and guards alike, to be escorted at all times. However, they are being given every comfort they could expect, until their Lord returns from his supposed hunting trip and discovery their disappearance.

How will Lord Hannista respond to the actions of Xanadu? Will the threats of some of the Holder women be realized? Will this intervention put an end to Hannista's aggressive behavior towards Rubicon River?

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