Weeds, Weeds, and More Weeds

About one turn ago, after a windy day it snowed in Xanadu. Well it looked like snow, anyway. A stiff, steady breeze blew in fuzzy, floating seeds from somewhere afar off that swirled about, piled in sheltered corners and eddied inside open doors for a few days. They clung to clothing and were snorted up (mostly dragon) nostrils, generally being a vague delight or nuisance, depending on your point of view. And those seeds? Well they have done what all seeds do. They sprouted. Now there are weedy plants popping up all over the Weyr - in cracks, crevices and flowerpots. And in the garden as well. Some of them have begun to send forth their own fuzzies. Pulling these weeds before they can come to seed is a task all Xanadu residents have been asked to help with.

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