Survivor Found!

Well when Niva handed over that wingleader knot to D'had did anyone really expect the man to do anything with it? Perhaps, perhaps not. But whatever anyone expected he did, taking a small group to the abandoned cove where he'd spotted footprints earlier.

The group consisted of not only a few wingriders (notably Xylaihl and green Xvetaoth, and T'maz and brown Dementh) but the DolphinCraft CraftSecond Vrizana and her partner Icthyis. What was found started out normal enough, relatively speaking, as the dolphin wreckage on the reef. But from there signs related to the footprints, which had originally brought the group the the beach, continued to pop up and in the end the group returned to the weyr with not only a piece of the wreckage, but another passenger. Tan and lean, but alive.

One survivor has been found so long after the ship disappeared. Could there be more? What happened out there? Can he tell us anything? Only time will tell.

See the log.

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