Trouble Escalates at Rubicon

Around mid-day at Xanadu, the watch dragon gave a bugle to announce an arrival. However, this wasn't a visiting dragon, but a small caravan approaching on the coastal road. Those leading the two carts were all from a single cothold near the southern edge of Rubicon River Hold. Their leader, an aged and frustrated holder named Serato reported that the family had been attacked by agressive Hannistan holders pushing ever northward into Rubicon territory. Uprooted from their cothold, the family had traveled to the Weyr for refuge, but if the attitude of Serato is anything like that of the other Rubicon River holders, there is growing irritation and anger over the repeated invasions of the hold lands.

Will anything be done to stop the Hannistan settlers from driving more and more Rubicon River holders from their homes? Just how much more damage will be done between now and the Conclave still nearly a month away?

See the log.

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