Turnday Booze-Out Turns Bad

There's been a great deal of talk about the major booze-out in the tavern last night, sponsored by greenrider B'miel as a turnday party for the gardener, which was agreed by most attendees to be a good time all round, despite the lack of a proper bar brawl. There was some excitement when some journeyman computercrafter (who looked an awful lot like Cenlia) began yelling at the girl. This was followed immediately by Weyrsecond X'hil swinging at the man. The bronzer apparently decked the guy, who witnesses say was even wearing glasses. Though the bronzer pulled a hasty retreat, he apparently returned when the guy he'd punched called him back to sign something, and even handed the bruised-faced computercrafter a bottle of booze. What was that all about? No one quite seems to remember, as almost everyone quickly got drunk. Good thing, too, because various people /clearly/ recall there being a pitchfork on the table soon afterwards.

See the log.

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