More Noises

In the early pre-dawn hours, during the time when Solarith and Seryth were clutching their eggs, an odd tapping and clinking was heard in the far corner of the Hatching Cavern followed by some eerie chuckling. Both queens, their riders and the few folks sitting in the galleries heard it as well. Thea poked about in the shadows, but didn't find anything. X'hil got some glows and had a look, but Thea was asleep by the time he got back. The Weyrsecond had neglected to say anything about what he did find. He's claiming he's found a passage covered with a blanket that blended with the stone walls. What will be done about the passage? For now guards have been placed there awaiting the Senior's decision as to filling it in or leaving it. Exploration of the older tunnels within the Weyr will be starting soon and everyone has been told to be aware of odd sounds and report them.

Poor X'hil's in hot water with Thea, having only now finally mentioned it, but the REAL question is: Will he be in hot water with Niva?

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