Brief Meeting at Rubicon

After the rather frustrating exchange between Niva and D'had, to which half the caverns were witness, the Weyrwoman managed to slip away from the annoyed bluerider. However, business needed to be taken care of, and it was too an impromptu meeting with Lady Ryeira that the Weyrwoman went. After a bit of discussion, the footsteps in the cove were offered as a glimmer of hope, though the Bitran-bred Weyrwoman dismissed them hurriedly, lest they prove to be nothing, and get the Hold's hopes up.

However, in light of the Hannistan Holders continuing to creep into Rubicon Lands, as well as the scattering of renegade excursions into the Lordless area, the Lady Holder is desperate for a Conclave to be called, as much as it confirms what many have long suspected. And so, the message has gone out - there will be a Conclave at Rubicon in one month's time - though whether they confirm Ryeira as Lady Holder in her own right or prefer to pass the Lordship onto her young son remains to be seen.

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