Candidates Xyala and Xaliyan

There were already a few candidates left over in the barracks after the last hatching, Xylaihl's daughter - and X'hil's sister - Xyala among them. Another repeat candidate was added to the bunch today, Xaliyan, also one of Xylaihl's children.

The boy, wearing his ever-present oversized riding helmet, had come to the galleries to meet with his brother and ogle the eggs, when the pair were joined by Re're and Rogawani. Saenkarith peered up from the sands, and Re're asked the boy if he'd like to stand. The boy accepted, and ran off to spread the news.

Things seemed to be going smoothly until he returned, Xylaihl in tow. X'hil quickly excused himself, so Rogawani was the only witness to what followed. It turned out that Saenkarith had chased and caught Xvetaoth about fifteen turns ago, and young fourteen and a half turn old Xaliyan was the result. Bets are on as to whether the boy will impress from the clutch sired by his brother's bronze, or his father's brown, or even at all.

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