Another New Knot?

For those who have seen the two interact, there is no doubt of the hostility between D'had and Niva - a dislike likely sprung simply from D'had's flirtatious tendencies. And thus, it was no surprise that D'had's attempts to be friendly were met with a grumbling from the Weyrwoman, much to the entertainment of the unknown face Enkavir. What is surprising, however, is that after D'had reported on footsteps found in an otherwise abandoned cove, Niva told him to take the wing out to investigate. And, to give him the authority to do so, the Wingleader's knot of Galaxy, a knot which had previously belonged to the Weyrwoman's own mate C'ian. At least now the one Niva'd rather see less of will be gone, and the one she'd prefer to have around will be able to do just that.

Of course, unless D'had manages to get rid of the knot, as he certainly seems intent on doing.

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