The Stalker Saga

The stalkings have escalated, while the notes have become less loving. Infact, they've become almost angry. This time, a dark figure has been seen fleeing all the areas where the notes have been left.
To Cenlia: My dearest.. It's your fault you got tangled up with that runner. You shouldn't be listening or following around strange men. I love you still. But, you must stop.
To X'hil: Now, now. I love you still. But, you should be only having eyes for me. Not playing with some goldrider who won't give a second thought about you. That's just not right.
To Myra: Aww, my dearest. You've had a baby. But, you shouldn't be sleeping around like that. It won't do you any good.
To Rohelte: Ahh, my dearest. You are just the sweetest. But, you need to pay more attention to me.
And, finally, to T'maz: My little cook, your treats are so great. But, really. Cook only for me or I'll have to ruin whatever you make for anyone else. Really. You should know better.
A search has been proposed for the creepy stalker.

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