Western Arrivals

Sometimes, being close to one's inlaws can be a blessing, everyone knows that it can also be a major pain. And, its seems that this situation can drive even the laziest brownrider to pack his weyr and family up and move them half way across the planet, to put a little breathing room between him and his inlaws, one of who happens to be a former Weyrleader at Western Weyr, and who has held the couple to rather strict standards.

Re're has brought with him his weyrmate Airen, rider of green Romasseth, her twins Aidar and Saire who are nearing their sixteenth turndays, and the couple's children Aidrea, who recently turned thirteen, Dreia who is nine and a half, and Derin, who is almost eight. If asked about what caused the move, he'll simply mutter something about them being only a hop away, thanks to the dragons, and that's quite close enough thank you. Either way, the brownrider has settled in to Galaxy Wing, and the rest of the family is settling in as well, and so far there have been no disasters. So far.

Meet Re're and Saenkarith, as well as the family: Romasseth, Aidar, Saire, Aidrea, Dreia, and Derin.

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