An Evening of Exploration

With Lusiath's clutching date fading more and more quickly into the past and still no sign of the renegade gold nor her young rider, another expedition was mounted during the late afternoon, to determine if anything else could be found. With the riders still watching the sand-filled cave with interest - empty as it may be, the expedition headed to the east.

Unfortunately, while what they discovered could be described as breathtaking, it also seemed to add a level of frustration to the venture. For, what they discovered was that domes, similar in size and shape to the sand-filled cave, litter that portion of the Barrier Range. And, in an area ravaged at some point in the past by wildfires and earth shakes, one such dome collapsed, and the natural gas pocket contained within ignited. And so, the main discovery of the evening for the team was a large, glowing crater in the middle of the plains, visible for many miles in the clear evening sky. And so the team returned with no more answers, and merely more questions.

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