A Double Clutch?

With tensions running high at Xanadu ever since Ysa was rather unceremoniously removed from her position as a Junior Weyrwoman, and the recent transfer of not only Mianyi, but also Tylia to augment the gold-team, certain relationship amongst those in charge are rather strained. When its also remembered that while Xanadu's own gold Seryth recently rose, as well as Tylia's gold Solarith, the worries of further tension amongst the team only seems to expand.

With both golds having risen within a sevenday of each other, and both golds growing ever heavier with eggs, its only a matter of time until they each feel the need to take to the Sands to settle their clutch amongst the warmth of the Hatching Grounds. What will happen between the experienced but recently relocated gold, and the young queen laying her first clutch? Will they be able to share the Sands?

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