Blown in from the Cold

It had been turns upon turns since an unfortunate injury during a blizzard caused Tylia to step down from the High Reaches seniorship. Since then, she had been working comfortably as a Junior, despite constant badgering by the healers of the Weyr itself. It was only recently that the continued pestering by the healers had reached a climax, triggered by the weyrwoman's constant trips to the healers for doses of pain killers to help deaden the pain in her leg caused by the cold climate. Even though her protests that her gold dragon, Solarith, had risen to mate recently and would soon be eggheavy, it did nothing to deter the insistence of the healers. However, it was her dragon's own words of worry that were enough to convince the older woman to finally agree to the healer's terms and find a home at a Weyr with a warmer climate in order to ease the pain in her old leg injury.

It was soon decided that Tylia and her gold Solarith would move on to Xanadu Weyr, which certainly was a good deal warmer than the frosty High Reaches, though many would argue that anything would be warmer than the frigid mountains. It hasn't taken the woman long to settle herself in and already start upon piling herself down with paperwork, despite her new position at the Weyr itself. Judging by the slight ease in her limp, it would seem that the warm climate of Xanadu as well as the steady flow of work have been enough to give some comfort to her leg and allow her some mental comfort after the loss of her previous home.

There are many wonderings, though, about the future of the clutch of eggs growing within Solarith, considering the fact that Xanadu's own gold Seryth, Thea's dragon, rose at very nearly the same time while the former was still at High Reaches. Some say this might present problems if either of the queens are particularily broody, while others are blaming High Reaches for possibly creating a problem by sending an eggheavy queen to the Weyr when one of their own golds was in the same state. Either way, nothing much can be known until the eggs find their way on to the sands, which both clutches will have to in time.

Meet Tylia and Solarith

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