A Gold Less

Coming in late to work has been more like a trademark since Jr. Weyrwoman Ysa has been living at Xanadu Weyr for over three Turns now. Unfortunately for her, when she came in to work that morning, it was going to be her last tardiness at the Weyr. Senior Weyrwoman Niva was waiting to let Ysa know that she was unwelcomed at her Weyr, lacking the trust in the Junior Weyrwoman. In front of her silent fellow Juniors, Ysa listened as Niva made accusations and told her to pack up and leave. Ysa, well known for her laziness and drinking habits, was only too glad to tell her she was happy to finally be getting out from Niva's command.

One of the first to warn her against Kefai, completely against the decision to let Kate stand, and overall always disagreeing with the Weyrwoman, Ysa was finally getting away from Xanadu. The packing was done in record timing for the queen of procrastination and Xanadu Weyr watched as Ysa and her weyrmate R'miel, along with their two boys and the rest of their belongings, disappeared :between: to a warmer Weyr. Along with them went several bottles of the best vintage wine stored in the cellars that was being saved for a hatching day. A farewell gift, of course.

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