The Situation Escalates

It seems that the notes have continued, only, they've begun to escalate in content. And the locations have changed, they're dropped off in areas where the recipient frequents. Added to the list of notes received is: T'maz and Rohelte. The note has changed but is typically the same: I love you darling. And a little heart has been scrawled at the end.
For Cenlia, wilted flowers have been left. And a note as following: Your hair was pretty today, darling.
To X'hil: A single flower with a note attached: Your face looked quite fresh today.
And last, to Myra: A large quantity of flowers and a note: You absolutely glow. Though, a few words seem to be scratched out after in frustration.

No one has yet to see who left the notes, though, one of the uncles claims he saw something scampering away from one of the areas where the note was left. Searching has not yet begun.

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