A Dark and Stormy Night

Under the lowering skies and amidst strengthening winds, Seryth responded to natures's pull as her hide began to glow and her blood stir. From her vigil by bronze Kinseth's barn-weyr, where she was keeping the isolated and possibly flu-exposed dragon company, Seryth made her way to the Feeding Grounds, blooded and rose to the storm-laden skies. Following her aloft were L'ton's bronze Dohnzayth, R'miel's bronze Arinith, U'nar's bronze Tsaioth and X'hil's bronze Kinseth. Aided by updrafts and currents, the young queen led a grueling chase within the storm, but at last thin air and tired wings slowed the fleeing queen and she was caught by Kinseth, who was apparently healthy enough to chase and eventually catch her.

Not so lucky, is bronze Kinseth's rider X'hil, who was still a patient in the infirmary with several others, including Thea, Seryth's Rider. The other riders of the bronzes managed to find the rider of the rising female there and since neither Thea nor X'hil could leave, the results were played out in the Infirmary with several repercussions resulting.

And the storm? Blew out over the Sea of Azov, leaving Xanadu rain-drenched.

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