Mayhem and Madness

While, for many the infirmary is a place for rest and recuperation, unfortunately gossip flying on swift wings is enough to disturb the peace of even though who deserve it the most. And so, it was upon the news that not only had the missing goldrider Kate's Lusiath appeared over Ierne, but that she had done so only to rise and be caught by X'hil's Kinseth that Niva, and Ysa in turn, set upon the infirmary. After much screaming, accusations of all sorts, even the injured Thea and Zevida were joining in on the yelling, while poor Cenlia was left to suffer through it, and X'hil was left the proverbial punching bag.

Now at issue is that X'hil dared to take his bronze out of Xanadu despite the quarantine, potentially exposing him to whatever those other males may have been carrying, and in turn exposing many at Xanadu, including Thea's own gold Seryth. However, in any case, the young man has lost the Weyrsecond's knot he has been boasting for the last few months. Ysa, on the other hand, had plenty to say about Kate, and her gold, calling Niva out infront of everyone. Despite yelling, accusations, and snide remarks, no blows were thrown, and the Senior simply left, leaving everyone to fume, and the rumors to fly.

See the log.

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