Attack of the Flaming Ovine

It was afternoon at Xanadu when a commotion in the smithy drew a number of onlookers. It seems that the last of the escaped ovines finally decided to make an appearance, and had wandered over to the forges. Unfortunately, the large ram caused no small amount of trouble, charging through the smithy and scattering apprentices and journeymen alike. It even chased an unlucky gardener, who probably shouldn't have been there in the first place. A number of smiths attempted to herd and/or wrestle the beast, but after dodging the outstretched leg of a junior weyrwoman, the ovine collided with a hot forge and then made a run for the door. This might have been the end of it, if not for the smoking coals which had been kicked up out of the forge, landing in the wooly coat. The next thing anyone knew, there was a flaming ovine on the loose! The sheep-on-fire charged out of the smithy and ran amok through the meadow. It was sheer luck (and rain-dampened grasses) that nothing else caught on fire as the flaming sheep careened past dragons, riders, and a number of laughing smiths. The laugher quickly turned to alarm, however, as the animal started a headlong rush towards the caverns. It could have spelled real disaster there, but a large number of Xanadu firelizards came to the rescue. They managed to frighten the already-panicked sheep back towards the beach, where it plungd heafirst into the surf. Witnesses report that something else was also in the process of taking a plunge, and a speckled yellow and green belly were seen accompanied by the cry of 'CANNONBAAALL!' The wave created managed to douse the ovine, and its final fate can only be guessed at.

Sheepzilla II: 0 / Xanadu 1

Many weyr residents are hoping the original Sheepzilla, which is still lurking in an office in the infirmary, doesn't go out in a similar blaze of glory.

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