I'll Take That For You

Delynni has her hands full, raising baby runners between her wing duties and exercising promising racers. Everyone knows her love of the "Sport of Kings." Everyone knows also that Delynni tries to keep Ryukith away from the runners. After all the blue has expressed the desire to taste a champion racer many times.

Imagine Delynni's distaste when she returned from an evening at the tavern to find first that her green firelizard Hyakki in one of many proddy destructiveness had pried the doorknob of her library and workshop open, and second that a big fat mother ewe, one obviously pregnant, had slipped in the pried open back door. The mother ewe had then knocked over and broken 2 sculptures given to her by her on again off again girlfriend Dryssa green Vyanath's of Ista and chewed on, but failed to eat some expensive macrame cord.

Anger, outrage, irritation and every instinct as a possessive breeder warred with each other in the bluie's mind. Ryukith's eyes outside were seen to ripple malevolently red. Delynni the rider was angry that a gift from her under quarantine girlfriend had been smashed, but Delynni the beastcrafter couldn't bear to feed a pregnant breeding ewe to her blue for dinner! Delynni was then seen by fellow galaxy riders dragging the pregnant ewe by a rope out of her Weyr and towards the "short cut" path to the stables in her back yard. Matters were complicated in that the pregnant ewe did not seem to want to move. The diminuative bluerider FINALLY gave up and tied the sheep to a tree in her yard, forbidding Ryukith to eat the breeding ovine and calling the beastcrafters from the craft wing to come get the sheep.

A tearfull Delynni then brought the sculptures to the craft wing to see if they could fix them. However, nobody knows if the repairs to the broken sculptures has been completed.

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