A Golden Disaster

The skies above Ierne were remarkably quiet, with so many areas restricting travel and transport via dragonback, leaving the majority of the trade center's goods to come by ship or wagon. However, the quiet was disturbed the the arrival of a small, pale gold - a pale gold that, however, was showing quite a lovely glow to her. With her elusive rider somewhere other than right there, Lusiath dropped upon the feeding grounds, gorging on the flesh of not one but two beasts, before her instincts took hold and she blooded a third and final beast and lumbered skywards.

It was not a particularly graceful flight, nor a particularly long flight, as the untested gold was lacking direction from her own untrained and untested lifemate. Pursued by many including X'hil's bronze Kinseth, R'miel's bronze Arinith, T'rile's bronze Ralorth, K'nash's bronze Picaith, R'ik's bronze Tunseth, M'gan's bronze Perianth, M'ori's bronze Uluameth, D'son's bronze Inimeth, Milowyn's brown Zemesuth, Isa's brown Caluprith, Zera's brown Najath, S'tan's brown Gonth, and Re're's brown Saenkarith, it seemed that none of the Weyrs have particularly been holding up their traveling restrictions. Despite Ysa's best hopes, dreams, and aspirations, the gold did not flee between during her flight, instead she was caught after a slow, low flight by X'hil's bronze Kinseth.

Of course, given Xanadu's travel restrictions, this poses a whole another set of issues for the poor bronzerider, aside from the fact that he was left without a goldrider, and Lusiath vanished not long after the mating flight concluded. Now the rumors have begun - will Kate and the young gold appear to clutch her eggs? Will there even be any eggs come of the short flight?

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