Storm Clouds Gather

Born of the sea and fed by the warm ocean waters, north of Xanadu, storm winds howl and clouds are rearing high into the upper atmosphere. This storm is nearly stationary, but it is gathering strength and sucking up water. Those on the coast are feeling the brunt of higher-than-normal waves and strong winds. Weather reports predict the storm will move south over Xanadu and the Sea of Azov within several days. For now, Xanadu is experiencing breezy, sunny weather as all of the moisture in the atmosphere is being sucked into the massive storm, a phenomenon called subsidence. By day a snowy wall of clouds can be seen looming afar off. By night lightning flickers, sending eerily silent flashes across the dark landscape of Xanadu.

Another storm of a different sort is also brewing. Seryth is fast-approaching the time when she will rise in her first mating flight. As the storm moves inland, the young queen will glow and rise to stormy skies.

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