Lightning and Thunder

Delynni was away at the tavern when her green firelizard Hyakki, proddy and almost ready to rise, snuck back into the house to escape a torrential thunderstorm. She had only been warming herself by the fire for a few minutes when instinct prompted her to once more venture out into the thunder and lightning outside. Some will observe that the nest of avians under the eeves, once containing four hatchlings, now contains three, for it was there that Hyakki got the life's blood needed for flight.

Hyakki then lead her brother shirochan and visiting bronze Kyne on a dizzying flight through the skies above. However, because of the torrential wind and rain, Shirochan's natural advantage over the bronze was nixed completely and in the end it was Kyne who pulled the destructive green out of a headlong plunge to the ground.

A few sevendays later, three eggs were laid in a small pile of sand in Ryukith's wallow and then moved inside to warm by Delynni's sitting room fire.

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