A Camouflage Green Caught

Even as the sleek phantasm that is blue Ryukith twists through the air; Ulaekimajith the silent soprano lights up the drums of the final beat even as the daylight rises behind them - all firey reds; golds; blacks; a distinctive sunshine matching the heat of their wings. Dashing slightly ahead; she races ahead of the herculian Uluameth even as the wildfire of the sunset Omasuth makes his way towards her; heavy beating kettle drums. Dhonzayth is a bronze of his own power; the Link Larkin as he calls joyfull after the spinning camoflauged green who springs from bouncy singing to stark, dramatic movements the next. A bit of cloud rises; then all of the sudden she swings underneath two unlucky browns and is ensared by the Phantom of the Flight… er, Ryukith. On the ground however, Saige turns blindly from the blue's rider in flat denial… but the question is, then whom was the winner of the rider herself?
… or is it too late, and is it past the point of no return?

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