Chased Out of the Weyr

Delynni's green firelizard Hyakki has been known for being spiteful, possessive and destructive. And this destructiveness has only gotten worse when she gets proddy. This was bad enough in her candidate days, when the green would have to be chased out of the candidate barracks before she disturbed the other candidates, its even worse now that Delynni has her own weyr. At the very edge of Xanadu's meadow, isolating the proddy green from the attention the other candidates male lizards might have given her. With only her blue and brown siblings to torment, the proddy green firelizard has annoyed the young bluerider enough. Ryukith's irritable bellow as a proddy Hyakki vehemently protested her firelizard bed being put out onto the porch could be heard at the nearby stables.

And now the irritable proddy green firelizard has flown off for the beaches, where she will hopefully stay until she rises. Delynni has small nicks on her hands where firelizard claws have dug in in protest, and went to the tavern for a good drink as soon as she was certain the green was gone.

However, she will soon find that an incoming rainstorm has prompted Hyakki to sneak back into the bluerider's weyr to get away from the wet. And she's brought her flight suitors with her.

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