A Series of Unfortunate Events

While it Niva was attempting to prevent any harm from coming to Xanadu dragons by banning interweyr travel, apparently the Weyrwoman failed to take into account the damage that Xanadu rider riders seem to do to themselves.

Taking the time to escort a wandering teen to the infirmary, Niva stumbled upon a rather bizarre, and confusing scene. Not one, but both Weyrseconds were in the infirmary - R'miel having become a human pincushion after an unfortunate encounter with a needlethorn bush, and X'hil clad in a fancy dress after apparently losing a significant bet with his uncle. However, they weren't the only ones in the infirmary, as Nosken was the recipient of a broken nose curtesy of the dress-wearing man, and D'had was suffering from a sprained ankle thanks to his own clumsiness. However, at least the bluerider got flowers.

In the end, it seems that everyone will be okay, if a bit sore, and even the teen girl checked out okay. However, the question now on everyone's mind is who is this girl? And will she be welcomed into the Weyr as easily as Kate was, before the girl's defection with Lusiath?

See the log.

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