Xanadu Responds

It seems that Xanadu has been dragging its feet about making any sort of decision when it comes to Istan and the odd dragon flu that seems to have its origins at the tropical Weyr. Perhaps there is a fear of some sort of physical retaliation, or perhaps the Weyrleaders are just preoccupied with the other happenings in their own region. Whatever the source of the delay, it seems that finally Niva, at least, has made some sort of decision.

Unfortunately, its like to make many quite unhappy, as the goldrider - stuck on the Sands with her Kilaueth and quite possibly going rather mad from the heat - has declared that there will be no exchange of travel with Ista. Or, for that matter any of the other Weyrs, as they either are still allowing travel with Ista, or they have ceased as a result of infected dragons visiting, thus no one can be safe. Either way, stuck as she and Kilaueth are, they'll not be the ones policing the policy, however, there it stands. Except for when people disobey it.

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