Sneaky Invaders

With weeks having passed since the discovery of wreckage bearing the colors of Rubicon River Hold, hope has all but faded when it comes to discovering any of those onboard the missing - and presumed destroyed - ship. And yet, no word has come from Rubicon as to what their next step will be, nor how they will determine the new Lord. With the heir presumptive still only a child, there are whispers of wardens running the hold. Others, however, are whispering that the cold Lady Holder Ryeira arranged for the ship to come to a disastrous end, her Bitran blood showing its true colors, and that she will be staging a takeover of the Hold.

Whatever the case may be, while patrols have been increased, slightly, over the Rubicon River holdings, only a pair of riders have been left to guard the hold proper. And, it seems that Rubicon's very inaction has drawn interest from the Hannistan Holder's to the south, much to the ire of those who discovered their actions. It seems that they've been slowly moving their holders onto Rubicon River's lands, in an attempt to annex some of the fertile stretches for their own use. At least two such outposts have been discovered - who knows if there are others.

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