What's Bugging You?

There was quite a commotion in the resident dorms this morning, involving a lot of shouting and one wildly flailing (or possibly dancing) resident. This was followed by the sight of weyrwomen Ysa and Thea, along with the half-naked weyrsecond R'miel carrying a mostly-naked Cenlia, running across the weyr. Apparently, they ended up in the hotsprings. A quick evacuation followed, due to what some early-morning bathers said were an unbelievable stench and trundlebug soup in one of the pools. Also, /someone/ was heard yelling, "I can't calm down! I got bugs in my butt!" It was not long before the headwoman was called. It appears that a number of trundlebugs somehow found their way into the resident dorms. Most of the swarming creatures had been squashed or eaten by several enthusiastic firelizards by the time drudges arrived to help clean the place. And, speaking of messes, what about the hotsprings? There's a lingering smell, to be sure, but it seems the awful mess had already been cleaned by the time the headwoman managed to head over there. And, perhaps more on the amusing side of this morning's odd occurances, was the discovery of a pair of pink underpants and several piles of dead trundlebugs found hanging off the roof of the greenhouse. No one has yet come forward to claim the garment.

See the log.

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