Changes Indeed

Seryth did not wait for the sun to take the winter's chill from Xanadu before she headed for the Feeding Grounds to blood her kill and take to the skies, rising with her usual merry abandon. It was dawn when she roused Thea from her somnolence to follow the young gold to the feeding grounds with giddy and wobbling steps in the throes of proddydom. Hooray for blissful flight-inebriation, the full impact didn't hit Xanadu's youngest Junior until the effect of the Flight wore off. While she expected one of the older Junior's to be saddled with the new job as Senior, she came to her senses to find she is now the one to guide the Weyr forward. With Inimeth catching Seryth, D'son is once again Xanadu's Weyrleader. What further changes await? That remains to be seen.

OOC: I am honored to be able to serve Xanadu and looking forward to the adventure that awaits. Thanks Niva, for giving me the opportunity and for your long (8 years!!!!) service to this area and the game. Let's have fun!

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