Left to Chance

There's something to be said for the influence of family members - particularly when those family members are almost as stubborn as one's self. However, it seems as if Niva's younger daughter managed to do something which no one else could - Nicca convinced her mother that if she had any desire to see the next turns, she'd step down.

With the arguing and grumping still audible from the infirmary, whispers began to filter through the weyr before being confirmed with a note in Niva's own hand: The next gold to rise will be Senior at Xanadu.

And now, the Weyr waits - who will it be? The experienced, but rarely rising Pagnisath? Avaeth, who's rider Zevida hasn't been quite the same as of late? Or the youngest Junior Thea, and her gold Seryth? It waits to be seen.

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