It started as a simple enough day - work, visitors, and the like. However, it was mid-morning - during a rather routine meeting with the Lady Holder of Rubicon - that the Senior started complaining of feeling 'off' - at least in words. When the pain started, and got worse, she was finally tricked into heading to the Infirmary, the former Healer unwilling to do what she would have advised her own patients to do.

While it was hardly a difficult diagnosis, with Niva putting up a fuss that she's 'just fine', the Senior is said to have suffered a rather severe heart attack - one which will keep her bed ridden. And one which the Healers are using to strongly suggest she step down - as the stress is hardly a positive, and who knows what could happen next time.

While rumors are still flying, Niva is still stuck in the infirmary - making her presence quite well known - and leaving everyone to wonder: What was so stressful with the conversation with the normally friendly Lady Ryeira? Has working with G'ene finally gotten to Niva? And, the question in the minds of most - Will Niva actually listen to the Healers' orders and step aside for another?

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