Eggs Before Breakfast

It was before dawn in Xanadu too early for most people to be up when Seryth and Zaqalekhth's eggs decided to start rocking. Candidates called from their cots and riders from their beds assembled to watch the impression. When all the eggs had hatched the barracks received 12 new weyrling pairs:

The PC pairs:

Phylicia and Windborne Secrets Green Fauikith (from Mountain Citadel Egg)
R'shed (Rished) and Titan of the Elder World Blue Lonarith (from Beyond the Taboo Egg)
Jessa (Jessamin) and Patchwork Adventurer Green Ninkasith (from Haunted Maze Egg)
R'io (Rio) and The Moral of the Story Brown Neroth (from Faded But Not Forgotten Egg)
O'ric (Osric) and Explorer of the Seas Brown Oceleth (from Under the Sea Egg)
N'shen (Natishen) and Peaceful Enlightenment Bronze Taozyuth (from True Enlightenment Egg)

Our NPC Pairs:

Analita and Jazz Dancer Green Jessiath (from Lady's Delight Egg)
D'rvan (Doravan) and Phantom in a Clockwork Form Green Kinujinth (from Patterns in Parchment Egg)
Caitlin and Fastest Line of Blue Kadrenth (from Face of Time Egg)
J'mar (Jammar) and Screams Amidst The Mountain Sky Blue Kranith (from Inscribed in Stone Egg)
Cr'us (Crosus) and The Original Score Blue Tecoth (from The Left Behind Steps Egg)
Marta and Tripping Through the Rift Brown Tennath (from Timeless Monolith Egg)

Congratulations to Xanadu's newest weyrlings!

-Xanadu SearchCo Winter 2010

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