The Xanadu Newes - Edition Five

Some suspicions seemed confirmed at the return of the Newes once the candidates were back from Survival camp. Or were they? The author certain seemed aware of the rumors, referencing it on the new newsletter that was pinned to the tavern door, but for once they seemed to let some of their personal feelings show through quite clearly. Could this be their first real mistake?

OOC: One, none, or all of today's gossip may be fictional in some part. Gossip is fun that way.

The Xanadu Newes


  • It seems we have a thief in our midst. While nobody expects the person that stole last month's Newes to return it, please understand that the news will always get out somehow.
  • Are we soon going to be missing a Weyrsecond? Though Thea's mother came to help with the children for a time, it seems that a threat to leave the children in D'had's sole care spawned a counter threat to move out of not only their shared home, but the weyr itself. Some would certainly envy a childless life on a deserted island.
  • The candidates are home from the survival camp, and while there seems to have been few injuries it seems there are more than a few budding romances in the offing. With the hatching drawing ever nearer will any of them be able to resist breaking the rules before it happens?
  • While the new observatory on the meadow ridge is certainly quite full at night, the daytime hours leave it rather unguarded. It seems that someone thought that the large model of the solar system was particularly awesome, as the red star was found in the residents dorm, and Timor and Belior were found made into candidates beds.
  • Old Thom, often seen lurking around the infirmary to be close to his 'fiancee', was seen being chased out of the kitchen yelling about elder abuse. Is this really what the weyr has come to? Abusing harmless old men who just wanted a snack?
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