A Return to Chaos

The days passed and then weeks, making Xanadu Weyr wonder just when, if ever, Ysa and R'miel were ever going to come home. Just when people began to actually believe the couple left for good, a familiar golden form appeared from :between: in the afternoon, up in the skies and followed shortly by her bronze weyrmate. Ellamariseth touched down, happier than her lifemate to be in the company of her friends, and together with Arinith made their way towards their home. With fresh healthy tans and smiles, the Jr. Weyrwoman and the old Weyrsecond brought down their burden of two happy weyrbrats back into their little family domicile…

Only to find a new resident in their home. One of the runaway ovines, an adolescent lamb, has set up home while they were gone at some point. Plenty of disaster was laid out in its wake, turning the weyr into something of a nightmare to the parents' eyes, after having left it in an orderly state. Ready to get rid of it with one dragon-gulp, Ysa immediately urged her weyrmate and dragon into action! Only for the delight of her toddlers to step in and save the little critter with squeals of happiness over their new… pet. And so there was a dilemma with the couple, having just come back from a relaxing trip. Can they break their children's hearts?

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