Another Sheep Found

While so far one of the missing ovines has met a rather unfortunate end, it seems another has done rather well for itself. It was a rather unremarkable morning for Niva and R'sul, as they headed into the office for the day - however, that was certainly not going to last. It seems that one of the young ovines had found her way into the Weyrleader's office, where she settled herself right in, munching away on various papers, and leaving them all sorts of preseents here and there. While neither yelping or throwing things managed to accomplish anything other than moving the ovine from the table to the Weyrleader's chair, a flailing, falling Weyrleader was enough to drive it under the desk.

For now, it seems that under the desk is where the lamb - now dubbed Flossie - is staying, for R'sul seems to have become rather attached. Niva, for her part has done what any parent would do - 'Its your animal, *you* clean up after it'. And so, at least for now, there's a new resident in the Weyrleader's Office. Baaaaa.

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