Flying Sheep

It seems the number of wandering sheep is down by one already, as the Weyr's candidates were called out to clean up a mostly eaten sheep carcass, still with bits of frayed rope around a couple of its legs, from the rather bedraggled looking garden. So that's one sheep down, six sheep still wandering about.

According to rumour, the sheep was first hog-tied and lifted out of a shrubbery, but accidentally knocked flying. First the sheep landed on Medani, and Anlyth pulled it off of her, snapping its neck, then it went flying towards another, landing on X'hil - who had already tripped while trying to run like a coward - and got eaten by Kinseth, getting the bronze momentarily stuck between a pair of trees.

After the ordeal, Medani required stitches, X'hil sprained his ankle, and all three of them - X'hil, Medani and Cenlia, came away with sheep blood on them.

The rumour spread outwards from the caverns, where the blood-spattered Cenlia was spotted fleeing from healers.

See the logs: A Stuck Ovine and The Magical Flying Ovine.

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