A Wooly Escape

At a Weyr, there are always people coming and going - old apprentices moving on to bigger and better things, while new, untrained ones come in to take their place. Now, at some point in one's apprenticeship, you are bound to make a mistake. Perhaps you feed the bovines too much, or perhaps you tried to milk the bull in the pasture, rather than the cows. Or, perhaps, if you were the rather unlucky apprentice assigned to tending the ovines the first day at Xanadu - you leave the lock to the pen on the wrong side, and the very animals meant to be kept in… aren't.

Thankfully, one of the Journeyman noticed the open gate after only about half an hour, and most of the animals were too lazy to go anywhere. Unfortunately, the latest herd count has come up 7 short, and a message has been posted that any found sheep should be returned to the Herder's pens. If they aren't eaten first.

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